Being a writer

Being a writer has it’s perks, writing about something you love and getting paid for it is wonderful. But sometimes you can only find so much information and their may not be enough to suffice for an article. So far, I have not had any published. I am still waiting on a response from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. I researched a lot to find out where I should send my first article, the Post Gazette is one of the most read newspapers online and print in Pittsburgh. This seemed such a good fit because this is where most sports articles come from, especially hockey. I fixed my article and made it about the city of Pittsburgh and hockey. How the sport of hockey is growing in Pittsburgh and slowly becoming one of, if not the biggest sport in Pittsburgh. I researched all the sports teams and when they had good seasons for Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Penguins were the most consistent team for the city so far and I based my article off of that. I interviewed the head coach for football at California University of PA as well as the head hockey coach for the Vulcans of Cal U. I sent my article to the head sports writer for the Post Gazette, Dave Molinari. I expect to receive a response soon, hopefully stating they will go on and publish my article. I think it will be a no due to the fact they get those articles that are sports based a lot I’m guessing. Hopefully I am wrong.

It’s difficult being a young writer trying to get into the Journalism field. You have to watch what you say at times and constantly interview people and sometimes you can’t get the interview you want. Sometimes, you don’t really even start out doing the writing you love. It’s hard but yet it could be fun, meeting well known people in what ever city you choose and meeting new faces almost daily. It comes with a lot of pluses and minus but overall it is a good and fun job. Those to me, are really the only challenges and such you might have to face when being a writer. The ultimate reward, though, is knowing that you gave knowledge of a subject to the people who read your work. It’s a good feeling to let the people know what is going on in their town, city, or state. Getting paid to do something you love is amazing. Every job is challenging, but most people, don’t end up doing what they love like Journalists.

Tony Norman

When Pittsburgh Post-Gazzette columnist came to California University of PA, he began to explain a lot of his expirences and examples of his writing. His writtings and expirences were very interesting as well as his writings and opinions on the Pittsburgh Police force.
One of the questions he asked the audience was if anyone reads the newspaper in the morning or really at all. Only 1 person in the back row raised their hand. The person was an elderly adult in possibly his 50’s or 60’s. To me, i believe that most print articles only appeal to elders unless its sports. Its difficult to be a print writer. Its a dying breed and it seems that web based articles will survive.

Fear of IV’s!

The IV is one of the most helpful, life saving, and scariest thing in modern Medicine. Well, to most people anyway. Most people are deathly afraid of them that they pass out or worse. I know plenty of friends and people in general who are deathly afraid of IV’s. For my Writing For Publication class we had to pick a topic and write about it giving insight and such from an Opinion, Narrative, and Magazine point of view and whom to interview/research and such.

An opinion piece on this would be someone else’s experience on this issue. A good person to interview would the person whom wrote the article themselves. My opinion on this issue is that yes, it is very scary. I contacted someone who I know that deals with this everyday of her life. She is deathly afraid of IV’s. Most people who are scared of it, are not petrified by needles alone, but the fact of where the needle is going and the exact purpose of it. It is a scary thought. When interviewing someone who had this experience put in your own personal views/opinions.

Now a narrative wouldn’t be your point of view or personal perspective. You would have to research and again interview people on this subject. Preferably for this issue, you would want to interview nurses or doctors who have to deal with people like this, and go through the process of calming them down so they could do their job. I have again, encountered and know what the person feels because I too have had IV’s in me. The reason why I, am not afraid of it, is simply because I needed it to survive during surgery.

For a Magazine Article, it would be somewhat similar to a narrative. You would most likely want to have two sides of the story. Get a patient or someone with past experience and then a doctor for interviewing.

Benefits from having IV’s are pretty broad. They help keep you alive. The only difficulty is the slight pinch you feel, but once it’s in, it is in. There are many helpful websites that I have researched and are easy to find.



Welcome to my blog page! I am Zain Siddiqui and currently a student at California University of PA. Most of my blog posts I intend to create will be about mainly big topics today here in the USA. I also intend to write as much as I can sports coverage such as football, baseball and hockey. I just hope to accomplish my goal of grabbing your attention and understand as well as read what I have to say. Thank you!